Friday, March 2, 2007

This is our new house....deposit paid, completion in April.

Ok, ok, so it's been a while since I last posted!!
So many things have happened since December 2006!
Our 2nd house, as pictured previouly fell through :o( The seller decided he couldn't wait for our re-mortgage to come through and took the house off the market. I can't describe how dissapointed I felt (and still do).
On December 22nd I had the worst work day of my life, having to have Police intervention about 6 times and the Fire Service called twice. The final straw was having a brick thrown at me through a window. Consequently I decided I needed some time off work. Upon arriving home I discovered my sister-in-law unconscious on her livingroom floor, having had a massive stroke the previous evening (she lives about 100 metres away, at the end of our avenue). So Christmas was an emotional rollercoaster ride for myself and Erika. It was touch and go as to whether her sister would survive the first few days.
After many varied emotions Erika and I decided to spend a couple of days in the Lake District on January 1st and 2nd which did us the world of good. Erika returned to work on January 4th in a different roll and I returned on January 25th.
Since then we've returned to Hungary to search for another house, which we found, by accident, on Monday of this week. It's only 10 years old and is in a fantastic position for our needs, being only 12 miles from our intended work place in Eger and ideal for renting out to tourists during Spring, Summer and Autumn. We go back in April for a holiday and our plans are still on track to emigrate in September.

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