Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Perhaps setting off on Friday the 13th wasn't such a good idea after all!!!!
Problems with my car before we set off, flight delayed, extra cost incurred with hire car.
Everything was going ok once we got there until day 3 when my mother was taken to hospital with pneumonia! There were times when we thought we might lose her, they found traces of tb on her lungs. After about 4 days she started to get a little better. Her boyfriend spent most of his time at her bedside. She was released on Sunday and we picked her up on our way to the airport to go home. She missed soooooo much :o(
On the plus side we paid the outstanding balance on our house so we now own 2 in Hungary :o). The vendor and his family are wonderful people and offered us so much help while we were there and introduced us to a friendly Dutchman (who speaks English) in the village. Thankyou.
Upon returning we felt like we hadn't had a break (especially Erika) and are planning to ride over on my bike in July for the Hungarian Bike Week held in Sirok. A week long and 15,000 bikers! We can't wait.
Found out on Sunday that one of Erika's uncles in Hungary had taken his own life, aged 94. Then, yesterday, we found out that her closest uncle in Hungary also took his own life, aged 80. We will be going over for the funeral when it is announced.

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