Thursday, June 21, 2007

We're now heading towards the end of June and our move is getting that much closer!!
Our trip back to Hungary for Erika's uncle's funeral was as to be expected, emotional with many family members coming together for the 1st time in many years.
We've both told our bosses that we intend to leave work at the end of August and travel over to Hungary mid September, starting our new jobs in October. We've been fortunate to have both been granted career breaks so if things don't work out then we can come back to our old jobs, along with renting our house out in England rather than selling up we have as much security as possible.
Erika and I are planning on riding over to Hungary for the Hungarian Bike Week in July but instead of spending the week at the show we'll be spending most of our time sourcing materials for our new house. Then in August I'm going back with Erika's brother Joe who's kindly given up a week of his annual leave to travel to Sirok and get as much of the renovations done as possible so that we can start to rent our house out over there. The more money we can get coming in, the sooner we can stop working altogether.
And back home we have so much work to do on our house here before we can rent it out, along with working as much overtime as i can get and Erika starting a new position things are pretty stressful. Our emotions have been all over the place recently.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Im Helene french living in Galway Ireland - while navigating on the web looking for some pictures of last weeks Siroks Bike Fest, I found your blog !! I was there with my VFR 800Honda, and I won the longuest distance trophy from Ireland!!! hope your bike is fine now and that you will make it next year !!