Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last week I managed to electrocute myself on our outside fridge....amusing to look back back on but I screamed like a girl at the time lol.
I dropped Erika off in Budapest on Sunday teatime, managing to get stuck in F1 traffic in the process. She likes the hotel but hates the course as it's so disorganised and everyone on it is getting very little sleep due to the amount of preparation work needed for the following days.
I got stuck on the mountain yesterday when the battery went flat on our car. after several hours and several miles walking I managed to find some young Hungarians who helped me out and ran me to the nearest Tesco to buy a new battery and saved the day. so a BIG thankyou goes out to them.
I got up early this morning to see Erika on her course in Budapest but was denied access due to confidentiallity reasons (?!) so ended up coming back home this afternoon and doing some more tiling on the terrace in Almar. Not been to Sirok yet but should hopefully get there tomorrow.
Left a note under the wipers of an English registered car in OBI car park a couple of days ago and received a call from a couple from Preston who've bought a house a few miles from us so should be meeting them on Monday before we go to pick Karl up from Budapest airport.

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