Monday, January 19, 2009

Time for another update.
The weather's been all over the place since Christmas. We've had -18*c, snow, sleet, sun and all the rest. For the last week or so the temperature's been above zero everyday but that only means that the germs can start breeding, hence I've got a broncchial infection which has really knocked me off my feet but went to doctors today and got sorted with antibiotics so should start picking up soon.
Since Tony went back to England Erika and I started sleeping in the basement room so that I could finish our bedroom. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet so we've moved back up there until I feel better as it's warmer upstairs. We've also had to buy more wood for our fire as we were nearly out. This arrived last Wednesday and is still waiting to be stacked.
We've had lots of positive comments on our other blog to promote the rental of this house....but no bookings yet lol.
We'd thought of flying back to England for a break during the half term holidays but then found out that they don't have them here. The next proper holiday is summer so not sure what we'll do yet. We have found a carrier who'll deliver the rest of our belongings from England to Sirok for around £300 which is great as I don't have to drag the trailer back and forth with our unreliable car. We just need to sort out dates etc for him to collect and deliver.

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