Wednesday, November 21, 2007

After returning home for a few days I bought another bike, an older one which looked good for its age but turned out to be a bit of a dog.

On Friday night of August 10th I set off to Joe (Erika's brother) and Anne's in Leicester. We then loaded his people carrier and set off early Saturday morning on the long drive back to Hungary. Joe did all the driving . We stopped over night in a layby somewhere in Germany. We took sleeping bags and air beds and Joe had adapted the back of his vehicle so that we could sleep there, saving money on accomodation. We landed in Eger on Sunday evening after a long and tiring journey. The next 5 days were spent working on the Sirok house, installing a kitchen on the ground floor and creating 2 bathrooms, a walk-in wardrobe, a bedroom and a shower room in the cellar. Unfortunately we didn't finish the work but got well on with it and completed the hardest part. We worked long hours and made a huge impact. Thankyou Joe. Set off back on Saturday morning, stopped overnight once again in a lay by in Germany then briefly dropped a present in Didier's garage at 6am then hit the ferry port at 8am but unfortunately couldn't get on an earlier sailing than 2.30pm.

Arrived back at Joe and Anne's at tea time, ate then set off for home in the pouring rain on the bike. I arrived at around 11pm to a very surprised erika who wasn't expecting me until the following day :o). As much of a surprise was the tattoo I'd had done whilst in Hungary with her name in it.

Whilst in Hungary it became very apparent that Erika and I would not be able to move there in September due to finances. We discussed this when I returned and although incredibly disappointed we have decided to move next year instead when we will be in a better position to make it work.

After only being home a few days a colleague and I took 2 of the boys from work on a camping barn trip to Keswick in Cumbria. We were due to stay for 3 nights but decided to bring one of the young people back a day early due to his behaviour. At this point things went haywire and the lad who was due to go home became extremely abusive and threaned to stab my self and my colleague. After about half an hour of abuse he came to attack me and attempted to stab me in the head and face. He continued his abuse by throwing large stones at myself and my colleague. He was eventually arrested and charged with affray.

To cut a long story short, I felt unable to return to work and have now been off for nearly 3 months. The lad appeared in court and had his charges reduced, then appeared again and had his case adjourned!!

I'm now applying for another job as a countryside ranger which I hope will suit me better.

Erika and I have also set a date for our wedding. We are getting married on April 26th 2008 at The Sparth House Hotel near Accrington :o).

We then intend to leave for Hungary sometime after this but have not set a date. We will go when everything is in place.

Still hoping to drive over again in late December for New Year as I have sold my bike and bought a small van and a trailer. If we do get to go we will take as much as possible with us as there are many boxes packed and waiting to go.

Until next time..................

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